Playing with chemistry and physics (1)

Playing with chemistry and physics (1)

The pupils of last year of "Bramante" middle school (Fermignano, Pesaro-Urbino) have written several articles about the lesson/spectacle made by ITIS "Enrico Mattei" professors Alessandro Panaroni (chemistry teacher), and Francesco Serafini (physics teacher). We report here some articles published in the local press.


Energy for everyone

A task to gather data and reflect on electricity access: its main source, its users, its advantages and the environmental issues related.


Waste management

The detrimental effects of uncontrollable waste on land and sea are presented in this editorial that was first offered during the annual festival on research at the Philoxenia Center in Nicosia.


New Frontiers in Engineering

A comprehensive presentation on all new areas under the field of modern engineering, accompanied by a series of YouTube videos on key aspects of modern engineering

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