Energy for everyone

A task to gather data and reflect on electricity access: its main source, its users, its advantages and the environmental issues related.

It is very known that the main primary energy sources are based on fossil fuels, and those have the disadvantage of the pollution of the environment and that they can be run out. But is not so much known that a quarter of the 7 billion people that live in on the Earth don’t have electricity and that seven of them do the laundry by hand. This link shows where people who have access to electricity live: http://www.worldmapper.org/display.php?selected=346


With this topic, make a television report. You have to give to the public objective

information, so before that you have to choose the approach of the topic, the data collection, the critic reflection etc. The video has to answer to these questions, but feel free to adjust it to your ideas:

- Which is the problem?

- Which is the origin of the problem?

- Which are the possible solutions?

- What is the Sustainable energy?

The TED videos below, with subtitles in several languages, can help you collect your information.


We don’t want to bore the spectators, so 5 minutes maximum for the video!!!


[Source: https://stimula.wordpress.com/]


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