Geographical Engineering - Mission to Planet Earth

This video, from the Portuguese Engineers Association, presents Geographical Engineering and generally describes the profession of an Geographical Engineer and his present contribution to social and economic development


Easy Maths for all ages!

The italian web platform REDOOC is providing an easy way to approach to all mathematics difficulties through small videos and examples. Test and games are included. The idea is that nobody is not able to be applied to STEM issues, it is matter to find the right apprenticeship style.


Safe Cycling

Every year there are cyclist who are injured or killed by cars. A group of students came up with a solution and will show it to us.


Maths and Fashion

Mathematics are everywhere. Even in the fashion world. This is an example of a project where students analyse the reasons why clothes, bags and accesories are made of geomatric shapes, lines and mosaics


Donald in Mathmagic Land

Donald in Mathmagic Land

Popular educative Disney film that introduces the world of Mathematics and Geometry.