Waste management

The detrimental effects of uncontrollable waste on land and sea are presented in this editorial that was first offered during the annual festival on research at the Philoxenia Center in Nicosia.

The material is formulated for children ages 8-14. Comprehensive topics on recycling, landfilling, using waste for energy were represented to children along with demonstrations. The goal is for children to appreciate the responsibility each one of us carries in eliminating landfilling, recycling and composting. Results of a five-month pilot are also included in this presentation that has essentially proven that for a country with no background and understanding of environmental issues, in order for society to change habits we must make it convenient for them.   An introductory presentation on basic topics that allude to environmental science and risk assessment, especially in the fields of waste management. Understanding lifetimes of different man-made material, direct and indirect effects of disposing and how littering in a Cyprus (a small island in the Mediterranean) can affect the rest of the world. In addition, alternative ways of processing waste are introduced and finally, a summary on the responsibilities of each and every one of us.
Natia Anastasi
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