Assistive Technologies Devices

    • Tele-Rehabilitation
    • Tele-Medicine
    • Smart Home Systems
  • MTS

    Monitoring and Telecontrol Systems

  • ICT Consulting

    Developing & Integration

    • Expertise in E-learning Technologies
    • Mobile Apps
    • System & Sw Engineering
  • ATS Advanced Test Solution
  • ATD Assistive Technologies Devices
  • Monitoring system
  • Services and Integration

Pragma Engineering S.r.l

Pragma Engineering S.r.l is able to supply services of designing, the development and the implementation of hardware and software systems on the basis of customer needs.

Pragma Engineering provides its own support in the stages of analysis and requirements definition, implementation and development of the solution often we are also involved directly in multi-disciplinary working groups.

Our specific skills and our methodological approach applied let us to establish partnerships in all phases of work, from the management of the project to the financial advice, from the designing to development plans in a spirit of full integration with the developing team of the customer.

Our main interest fields are:

  • Automated test equipment
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Test Bench
  • Assistitive technologies and rehabilitation systems
  • Hardware and software design.

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