• Software

    PowerVIEW2006 is a Microsoft Windows® based software package, which provides an easy to use, intuitive graphical interface to the LEM or FLUKE Norma 4000/5000 Power Analyzer.

    PowerVIEW2006 is designed for easy manipulation with instrument's configuration and for retrieving the measured data from the instrument. It has fully featured stand-alone user interface for convenient using of implemented functions and for error checking and tracing.

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    • Simple and easy-to-use user colour interface
    • Modular application concept with dynamically loaded plug-ins
    • Storing configuration of the instrument in file
    • Storing measured data to the disk in Excel-like format
    • Multilanguage support
    • Measured data visible including the status of each measurement
    • Based on LabVIEW lnopa01 instrument driver
    • Error codes compatible with VISA standard
  • Requirements


    • LEM or FLUKE Norma 4000 or Norma 5000 Power Analyzer, firmware version V1.2 or higher.
    • PC with Pentium 1GHz CPU or higher
    • 512 MB RAM (1 GB or higher recommended)
    • Graphics resolution: 1024 x 768, 256 color depth or higher
    • Serial, Ethernet or GPIB (IEEE488) port


    • Operating system MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
    • NI-VISA Software for Windows Version 4.4.1 (included on installation CD)
    • NI-488.2 (a.k.a. NI-GPIB) Software for Windows Version 2.6 (included on installation CD)
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PowerTest Software

PowerTest software is developed in LabVIEW™ environment and is designed to manage and configure test for Transformer and e Reactors. Since the software is able to interface with measurement instruments that are used for the test and thanks to friendly user interfaces you are able to:

  • manage measurement instruments (customizable on demand)
  • manage and configure different typology of test with the possibilty to save and recover typology of implemented test
  • manage test execution
  • view results of test
  • export report in Excel sheet
  • Test Configuration
  • Measurement settings
  • Measurement
  • Report
  • Test Configuration
  • Settings
  • Measurement
  • Report

Embedded Systems

  • HCRMeter

    HCRMeter Resistance Monitoring System
    HCRMETER is designed in order to execute automatically volt-current measuremets of hot and cold resistance of Power Transormers and/or Reactors. The instruments is equipped with specific software both for the measurement of cold resistance and for processing of heating test that will spotlight the measurement of hot resistance without any intervention of the operator in data acquistion stage.
    HCRMeterVIEW Monitoring Software
  • Optical Stimulator for Star Probes

    A-A-STR OGSE Control System

    Optical Stimulator for Star Probes
    The optical stimulator can be used both as stand-alone device for specific tests, same way as classic instrumentrs, both as a remote device managed via LAN through TCP/IP communication protocol.

    The system is housed into a 19” chassis that allows installation inside standard rack, making easier the use as substystem of test bench for navigation systems and positioning of spacecraft (satellite, probes, etc.. ).

    The device is able to drive, simultaneously and independently two optical heads. Each optical heads is made up of 4 LEDs and 1 temperature probe. In local mode the system can be managed by an operator interface based on 5.6” touch panel, that easily intuitively allows the control of the optical heads by providing information about the state of each set of LEDs.

    Using the USB port on the front panel, it is possible to upload/download configuration data of the optical heads and the LUT (lookup table) regarding of temperature compensation of LEDs, in order to easily manage the different type of optical heads to be used.


Monitoring System - Environmental and Structural


Pragma Engineering develops and set up dataloggers, monitoring and control systems for environmental and structural purposes. The company is able to analyze specific customer requirements in order to provide all the components needed to realise a full integrated monitoring system.

The designs comprise the supply of a whole monitoring system (data acquisition units, sensors, conditioning units, etc.), as well as the supply of specific hardware/software elements that must be integrated with pre-installed systems delivered by the customer or by third parts. Main application fields of monitoring solutions:

  • Meteorological stations and microclimatic data acquisition units
  • Pollution monitoring systems (Air, Water and Soil)
  • Acoustical monitoring and noise level detection
  • Structural monitoring systems (deformations, vibrations and landslide movements)
  • Networked monitoring systems (multiple acquisition units on wide areas)
  • Current inputs monitoring system in photovoltaic plants

  • Pragma Engineering S.r.l. realises and mounts remote monitoring systems and control systems for application in environmental and structural field. Pragma Engineering is able to analyze specific problems of the customer and to provide custom and integrated solution of a monitoring systems full compliant with requirements. The company is able to analyze the specific problems of the client and provide all the information necessary for the realization of a comprehensive and integrated monitoring system that fully meets the requirements.

    REDAS: Electronic control unit for monitoring environmental parameters, with data transfer via radio.
    AUTOCLIN: Tiltmeter system for automatic measurement of landslides.
    Installation of monitoring systems including tiltmeter probes
  • photovoltaic monitoring system

    Pragma Engineering has designed and developed in 2011 an Inverter DC Current Inputs Monitoring System for photovoltaic power plants.

    The monitoring system is able to acquire DC input currents of inverter devices included in a photovoltaic plant. In detail the monitoring system includes 8 current channels in order to acquire 4 DC lines for the master unit inverter and 4 DC lines for the slave unit inverter.

    The system has no views on local, but it can be queried via MODBUS TCP/IP protocol by Ethernet connection included in the controller module. The system has been configured with MODBUS parameters in order to permit requests by SCADA application supporting MODBUS communication protocol.

    Any fails of the transducers or of the system will be storage in the status discrete registers, in addition a led will be blinking in case of transducer fail or will be on in case of system fail (in normal operating mode the led will be off ).

    (IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-64)5 grms, 10 to 500 Hz
    Processor clock 400MHz
    Non volatile RAM 256MB
    System RAM 128MB
    Ethernet port 10BaseT and 100BaseTX (100Mbps max)
    Serial port RS232 (115200bps maximum)
    I/O Module slots 4 (different kinds of I/O can be connected)
    Supply range 9 to 30VDC
    Consumption 15W maximum
    Operating temperature
    (IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2)
    -20 to 55 °C
    Operating humidity
    (IEC 60068-2-56)
    10 to 90% RH, non condensing
    Operating vibration
    (IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-64)
    5 grms, 10 to 500 Hz
    Maximum altitude 2000m 
    photovoltaic monitoring system
  • Piazza del Campo Siena

    Starting from 1999 Pragma Engineering S.r.l. was charged by City of Siena to execute a monitoring intervention on tuff spreaded in Piazza del Campo when is running the Palio of Siena and this monitoring activity has the objective to improve safety conditions of jockeys and horses during the race.

    The main intend of the monitoring is the characterization of the soil (tuff) spreaded on the square when the race is running through detecting microclimatic parameters and physical features of the soil.

    stesura tufo piazza del campo siena

    The executed monitoring has allowed the creation of a wide and comprehensive database, that is needed to study and to implement improving actions for the sealing of soil especially in some critical points of the route.

    schizzo piazza del campo siena

    Executed actions :

    • Acquisition and analysing of data of the soil and climatic conditions of the square.
    • Supervision of the process of soil preparation, definition of soil preparation and eventually its revision.
    • Labs test in order to establish mechanical and physical features of the soil
    • Mechanical resistance tests of the soil locally executed.
    • Experimental activities of mechanical treatment of the soil.