Embedded Systems

  • HCRMeter

    HCRMeter Resistance Monitoring System
    HCRMETER is designed in order to execute automatically volt-current measuremets of hot and cold resistance of Power Transormers and/or Reactors. The instruments is equipped with specific software both for the measurement of cold resistance and for processing of heating test that will spotlight the measurement of hot resistance without any intervention of the operator in data acquistion stage.
    HCRMeterVIEW Monitoring Software
  • Optical Stimulator for Star Probes

    A-A-STR OGSE Control System

    Optical Stimulator for Star Probes
    The optical stimulator can be used both as stand-alone device for specific tests, same way as classic instrumentrs, both as a remote device managed via LAN through TCP/IP communication protocol.

    The system is housed into a 19” chassis that allows installation inside standard rack, making easier the use as substystem of test bench for navigation systems and positioning of spacecraft (satellite, probes, etc.. ).

    The device is able to drive, simultaneously and independently two optical heads. Each optical heads is made up of 4 LEDs and 1 temperature probe. In local mode the system can be managed by an operator interface based on 5.6” touch panel, that easily intuitively allows the control of the optical heads by providing information about the state of each set of LEDs.

    Using the USB port on the front panel, it is possible to upload/download configuration data of the optical heads and the LUT (lookup table) regarding of temperature compensation of LEDs, in order to easily manage the different type of optical heads to be used.