International Partnership

Pragma is developing own projects in the field of technology application/transfer. Most of these projects are applied to disability and ageing, covering various aspects of investigation:

  • educational programmes
  • studies and researches about accessibility of software and hardware
  • technological aids
  • innovative instruments for rehabilitation
  • telemedicine applications
  • social integration and workplace adaptation.
Iniziative Europee
  • Leonardo da Vinci "MS-NET"
  • Minerva-Socrates "Computer Education for All"
  • LLP "POD - Parents of Down"
  • IST "HCAD - Home Care Activity Desk"
  • Leonardo da Vinci "Qualified Care"
  • Grundtvig "DAM-Disabled Adult Methodologies"
  • ENEVA: ENhance Efficacy through VAlorisation LLP 2007 - 2013 KA4
  • eTen "Hellodoc".