High Power Testing Labs

Pragma Engineering  realises and customises testing laboratory for small and medium power reactors and transformers tailored on normative requirements and customer needs.

  • Application: Testing of High Power Transformers and Reactors LV-MV (400V ÷ 20KV);
  • Range: 400KVA ÷ 10MVA 
  • Typology: Oil cooled Transformers, cast resin transformers, dry type transformers
  • Compliance: CEI 14-8, CEI EN 60726, CEI EN 60076-1-2-3
  • Applicable Test
  • Transformer ratio and winding control
  • Group measure (phasing angle)
  • Short circuit measurements (Vcc, Lcc, and losses)
  • Open circuit measurements (current and losses)
  • Resistance measurement
  • Inductance value
  • Open circuit measurements (current and losses)
  • Resistance measurement
  • Applied voltage measurements
  • Induced voltage measurements
  • Partial discharges at applied or induced voltage
  • Recurrent surges
  • Applied voltage measurements
  • Partial discharges at applied voltage
  • Atmospheric impulse test (L.I.) and HV testing
  • Test over transformers used in large DC power supply
AC+DC test:
  • DC power with a superimposed an AC power

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