• System & Software Engineering

    based on V-Model to guarantee:
    quality, efficacy performance.

  • Hw & Sw Advanced Architecture

    • Instrumentation
    • Virtual Instrumentation (PXI)
    • Signal and Power Switching
    • Custom Interfaces (FPGA).
  • Applications

    • Avionic & Aerospace 
    • Military 
    • Transportation
    • Industrial & Consumer
  • Design - Next-Gen ATS Solutions
  • Develop - Next-Gen ATS Solutions
  • Deploy - Next-Gen ATS Solutions

Pragma Engineering srl have Quality Assurance System Certified ISO 9001/2008. 

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About us

Founded in 1994 Pragma Engineering joins different competencies in the field of hardware and software design supplying services and integrated systems in the framework of industrial and R&D applications. The experiences gained during the years and the acquired knowledge have defined two different divisions:

  • Industrial System Division (Perugia)

The Industrial System division develops custom solutions in the following area:

  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Supervision and control systems.

The adopted solutions are applied on military and industrial areas supplying integrated and technologically advanced systems able to satisfy specific customer requirements. The firm is collaborating with several companies which are operating in complementary areas (building, mechanical and electric engineering). Therefore it applies "global" approach to specific problems coming from customers.

The Rehabilitation Technologies division develops custom solutions in the following areas:

  • Assistive technology systems
  • Tele-medicine and diagnostic applications
  • Smart home systems

The design and development activities are carried out by means of qualified personnel with experience in innovation and research. The established partnerships at national and international level are certifying the acquired level of skill and knowledge.

Our main office in Perugia, Via Bruno Simonucci 3.

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