ATE - Automated Test Equipment

Pragma’s ATE systems are strictly tailored onto Customer requirements & specifications. The ATE solutions comprise:

  • Mobile systems (field testing),
  • Validation racks (laboratory & design testing),
  • Product compliance verification (on-line, off-line),
  • Huge self-standing ATE (supply & measurement).

  • ATE Automated Test Equipment x UPS
    • ATE x UPS: Test Bench for high power UPS testing.
    • Application: Industrial witness test for 3F UPS up to 300KVA.
    • Performance measurements according to CEI-EN 62040-3
    ATE x BP
    • ATE x BP: Test Bench for door interlocking devices.
    • Application: Industrial device validation and burn-in
    • Impulsive and thermal BP testing with climatic control
  • ATE for high speed digital testing
    • ATE LASET: test bench for high speed digital testing.
    • Application: Industrial & Defense 3 level maintenance
    • Digital pattern generation and acquisition Go/No go and Failure identification (reverse probing)
    ATE for military cipher devices
    • Custom ATE: Test Bench for military cipher devices.
    • Application: Defense device and burn-in
    • Multi-UUT testing (#25) with custom protocol and thermal cycles
      • ATE x LEU: Test Bench for Railway’s Line Encoding Unit.
      • Application: Railway Transport
      • Functional testing with custom stimulation source and custom protocol decoding
      • Datasheet
    System DC PSU duale (Lambda programmabile)
    DUT AC PSU (Chroma programmabile): 0÷300Vac 1.25A 45÷500Hz (375VA)
    CSS (Current Stimulation Subsystem) Unit (max 8 moduli): ±8A, 100W, 100KHz
    VSS (Voltage Stimulation Subsystem) Unit (max 8 moduli): ±420V, 1mA, 3KHz
    PXI System (National Instruments)
    PC Industriale da rack
    Communication interfaces: n.2 RS232, n.1 USB-GPIB, n.1 USB-RS485, n.1 Ethernet LAN


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