Hydrocarbon Traps

A short video describing why and how hydrocarbons (crude oil, natural gas) may or may not be found in hydrocarbon traps in lower geological strata


Go Girl! Engineering a bright future for today's girls

Project Lead the way: Women constitute 48% of the US workforce but hold only 24% of the STEM jobs. Today's girls are tomorrow's engineers, as they naturally possess the creativity and analytical and communication skills to become one!


The Genius of the Mendeleev's Periodic Table

A crush course on why though the elements had been categorized according to their properties before, it is Mendeleev's periodic table that survives to our days.


The Anatomy of Cancer

A short presentation on how cancer cells develop and what cancer is.


How to make elephant toothpaste!

The idea of a redox reaction and the excessive production of gas is culminated in this fun demonstration for young children (the awe effect of producing this elephant toothpaste) and older ones that understand the notions of a redox reaction


A very hard math challenge

A very hard math challenge

Last year was easy, but for this year the challenge is still open


Inspiring The Future

This powerful film from MullenLowe London provocatively captures how, early on in their education, children already define career opportunities as male and female. When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female.


How to make your own camera

Buiding a homemade camera, it may seem difficult, but it is easier than it seems, because for only two dollars and in 5 minutes, everyone can build their own cardboard camera.


Synthesis of Fluorescent Quantum Dots

The visible absorption and photoluminescence of CdSe nanoparticles depend on the size of the particle. A sudden injection of room temperature selenium solution into hot cadmium solution produces quickly-growing seed crystals. Samples are withdrawn from the hot solution and quenched at room temperature to produce a series of increasing particle sizes and observable change in color.


How to make a homemade electroscope

The homemade elctroscope consist of a vertcal copper metal rod, which has a kind of sphere on the top and at the opposite end two sheetd or flakes of aluminum foil. When an electrified object is brought closer to the sphere, the rod is electrified and the electrically charged aluminum lamellae repel, separating.


Why are there are so few women in science

A comprehensive article on the perceptions of the aptitude of male versus female scientists, both by their male and female coworkers and a description of the continuous bias against women in sciences.


How do Solar Panel Work?

A short video that gives a detailed description of how solar panels work.


Plastic Ocean

Plastics and Polymers have changed our world. They are a wonderful invention, however at the same time they are a source of great detriment because we don't have a good way of getting rid of them.


Understhanding how vaccines work

Short video on how vaccines work and how they protect mankind!


The text of the problems

Math games... and not only.


Reduction of use of plastic bags in Greece

Presentation of measures of Greece for the reduction of plastic bags in line with the European Directive 720/2015


How to make your own hydraulic arm

We all would like to be able to build a hydraulic arm. Thanks to this video, we will learn how to do it in a fun way.


How to make a portable home speaker

Making a homemade speaker is easier than it seems. Thanks to this video, we will learn how to make portable speakers, without spending a lot of money.


How to make a homemade radio

Making a homemade radio is easier than it seems. Thanks to this video, we will learn how to create a homemade radio in a fun way and using materials available for everyone.


Experiment on compressibility and air expandability

Air is a gas and as such has the property of expanding, increasing its temperature, that is to say, increasing its volume and on the contrary, when this gas decreases its temperature, it tends to contract and with it to decrease its volume.

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