• System & Software Engineering

    based on V-Model to guarantee:
    quality, efficacy performance.

  • Hw & Sw Advanced Architecture

    • Instrumentation
    • Virtual Instrumentation (PXI)
    • Signal and Power Switching
    • Custom Interfaces (FPGA).
  • Applications

    • Avionic & Aerospace 
    • Military 
    • Transportation
    • Industrial & Consumer
  • Design - Next-Gen ATS Solutions
  • Develop - Next-Gen ATS Solutions
  • Deploy - Next-Gen ATS Solutions

Pragma Engineering srl have Quality Assurance System Certified ISO 9001/2008. 

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Pragma Engineering's activities lies on the experience, knowledge and skill of its human resources. Each working group is constituted by highly skilled personnel with a precise commitment referred to each one project.

  • Riccardo Magni: Engineer, responsible of hardware research and development and firmware programming. He manage projects in the assistive technologies field.
  • Fabio Magnino: Engineer, responsible of software developments for automatic control systems. He manage the relationships with universities and research centres.
  • Luigi Magni: Engineer, responsible of software development for industrial systems. He manage projects in the environmental monitoring field.
  • Massimiliano Santicchia: Engineer, responsible of software development in LabView. He follow the projects related to eLearning systems.
  • Carmine Ricca: Engineer, responsible of software development in C/C++.